Lage Landen Cup 2023
The Dutch Open and NK 2023 is now open for registration.

Link to the match
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Wim Willems is the 2022 Dutch Champion BR50

Wim WIllems Nederlands kampioen BR50 in 2022

Margret Thielert is the over all winner of the Dutch Open 2022

It is no longer possible to pay for matches in cash on the day of the match. The DBRSA has an IBAN number and we kindly ask you, when you register for a competition, to transfer the amount due to:

IBAN: NL85 SNSB 0936 9356 93


We thank you for your cooperation

Participants from countries outside the Eurozone (eg England or Switzerland) may still pay the entry fee in cash. This is because of the high costs charged by banks for the transfer.


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